Michael + Tamara // Beach Engagement Pictures Matagorda, Texas

Happy Friday, friends! I've got another sweet and adorable engagement session to share with you. This session was so much fun and my second beach session ever. My husband and Michael actually grew up together and graduated high school together. I got to meet Michael when Brandon asked him to be a groomsman in our wedding. Since then we've been hanging out almost every weekend and having fun on the Colorado river with the ski boats! Michael even taught me how to wakeboard. I have to give to him, he was so patient with me. I'm pretty sure it took me 16 times falling on my face, getting water up my nose before I finally got up on that board. Thank you Michael!

As for Michael & Tamara, to say I love this sweet couple is an understatement! ;) We started their session out at the restaurant where they met on a blind date by our friends Scott & Amberly. Then we made our way down to Matagorda, Texas to finish our session on Matagorda Beach.

The weather was a big factor when it came to planning their engagement pictures. It was really overcast that day, and it had rained so much the day before. Learning to adapt to the elements is something I'm still trying to master. A lot of photographers would run away at the slightest hint of a rain cloud. Not this girl. Bring on the rain (and rain gear). ;) The rainy weather actually played out really well, and the overcast day meant we would have clean even light on their skin and faces. Michael and Tamara were both up to try anything I asked of them, and they were so easy going when I was coaching them along through their poses. Way to go, guys!!

Here are my favorites of Michael and Tamara Engagement session!


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