Shelby's Bridals // A Sunset Bridal Session in Cotton Field Bay City, Texas

This might just be my favorite session EVER. The lighting and colors of this beyond beautiful bridal session were absolutely stunning. See how I fit that nice alliteration in there? Man, my 11th grade English teacher would be so proud ha! I even tested out a new lens for the first time. If you're just starting out in photography and looking to expand your lenses, I would definitely get yourself a "nifty-fifty" lens (aka 50mm f/1.8). This lens is roughly $100 +/- a little, but so worth it!! The compression of the glass in this prime lens gives you that beautiful bokeh (pronounce bow-kuh) which is the blurry effect on the background of your images. It makes your subjects pop right off the background.

Shelby was absolutely gorgeous, and surprisingly very comfortable in front of the camera. She was up to try anything. I really do LOVE that about my brides! Anytime I asked her about trying different poses, she kept saying "yeah, whatever you think!" And her sweet sister, Annah came along with us to help with hair and make-up, and I think she even helped keep Shelby's nerves calm. She definitely brought out the best in Shelby's genuine smile. Thank you, Shelby for trusting me and letting me capture these images for you!! And now that you're married, I can finally show off these stunning images!!!

Florals ~ Bay City Floral
Hair/Makeup ~ Annah Tucker

And Shelby's beautiful sister, Annah!! 


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