Stacy + DJ // A Country Engagement Session San Antonio, Texas

As a photographer, your job is to take fabulous pictures, right? But your job doesn't end there. It can definitely get a little overwhelming at times, but having wonderful, gorgeous, photogenic, fun and willing-to-try-anything clients makes your job SO much easier and FUN!

Stacy and DJ's engagement session seemed almost effortless, and I don't throw that word around lightly. I mean, these two were absolutely adorable to watch and so easy to work with. They were naturals and so easy to coach and pose. Theirs was the kind of session you want to shoot over and over again. We even tried some complicated and advanced posing. Y'all, they NAILED it!

Their love for each other is evident in every single picture, and it definitely helps that they've had ten years of practice. These high school sweethearts are finally tying the knot.  I loved editing every. single. one. of their images, and when you've got over 100 images to edit well, now that's a lot of love. ;P

Here are some of my favorites!


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