FAQs: Editing & Workflow

So, I came across this article the other day from my friends over at Photography Concentrate, and it really put things into perspective. Your workflow is insanely important when it comes to efficiently getting anything done. And that's not just with editing photos, that's everything in life too. But it's important to make sure the process isn't complicated or inefficient, otherwise you won't stick to it and your system will fall apart.

Now I think I've got a workflow schedule that works for me, and I'm super pumped about it. Before it would take me weeks, sometime a month to finish a photo session in post processing. I hated that it took me so long. I remember how anxious and even a little frustrated I was waiting to get my own wedding images back from our photographer, and I never want to put my clients through that by taking so long to finish their images. 

The last few photo sessions I did took me two weeks from time of the photo session to the time I put that CD in the mail. And I was pretty darn proud of that! But there's always room for improvement.

First, I import and back up my images from my camera. Next is sorting and creating folders (blame my OCD on this one). Next is the culling process. Once I've culled the duplicates, eyes closed, no smiles, etc I start importing them into Lightroom-my fabulous editing system! I can't thank Andrea's husband, Tony for introducing me to Lightroom. I currently work with Lightroom 3. Then I export into my final images folder and get my CDs mailed out to my clients. Yay!!!

So tell me, how do you manage your time and workflow?


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