Stacy's Elegant Lingerie Bridal Shower // San Antonio, Texas

There's just something fun and sassy about lingerie. Maybe it's the fun part of playing dress up. Maybe it's all the extra attention and sexytime you get when wearing it. Maybe it's the fact that it doesn't stay on that long anyway… Saturday I spent the day with my beautiful cousin, Stacy, and the rest of her bridesmaids sipping mimosas, chowing down on delicious food, playing a few saucy games and guessing who's panties match their personality. Go ahead and ask, I know you want to! ;)

Stacy's getting hitched in March, and we're counting down the last few days before her big day. Stacy's sister, Brittany, and Maid of Honor put together this incredible lingerie shower all by herself. I'm so proud of you, Britt. She had everything from Stacy's favorite flower, hydrangeas, lingerie panty cupcakes down to the cutest candy string bikini.

Something naughty, something nice, and something sexy to add a little spice… 

We had these super sexy Romantic Vow cards for him as decor, and we were rolling on the floor after reading a few of them. Here are a few of my favorites:

- I vow to massage your butt and thighs
- I vow to drizzle honey all over you and lick it off
- I vow to wash your hair when you're sick
- I vow to greet you wearing nothing but a smile

So tell me, how was your weekend? :)


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