Eno's Pizza Tavern and Dude, Sweet Chocolate, Dallas, TX

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Have you ever been to the art district in downtown Dallas? It's absolutely fabulous. I had the best thin crust pizza I've had in a very long time. Loaded up with basil, peppers, Italian sausage and lots and lots of cheese. Talk about delicious. I met up with my best friend, Lauren, at Eno's Pizza Tavern and then walked the two blocks over to Dude, Sweet Choclate for a little heaven on earth. They're both located in the beautiful art district on the south west side of Dallas on Eighth Street and Bishop.

At Eno's Pizza, Lauren and I shared the delicious Traditional Pizza, and it was by far, the best damn pizza I've had in a really long time. If you ever get a chance to visit Eno's Pizza and taste the very eclectic varieties of chocolate at Dude, Sweet Chocolate in downtown Dallas DO IT. Be sure to try the coffee and fungus fudge, oh and the heavenly hash is really good as well. ;P

Happy Monday, friends!  

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