Just Call Me Grandma

Happy July 1st, everyone!

We're half way through the year already. How is that even possible? The heat here in Texas is flipping hot and forcing everyone it seems to stay inside. Myself included. And that's exactly what I did this weekend. 

Saturday I spent the day with my niece, Addison. We ate breakfast at Chick-fil-a. I had the oatmeal and fruit, and she had the mini chicken bites and hash browns. I was super jealous and really tempted to trade with her. She politely refused. Stupid diets. ;P

When we got back to the house we made crafts, colored and made paper airplanes. After a little convincing I got her to help me make peach jam from home grown peaches and can some pickles. She was a great helper. She was all about cutting the pickles herself. When did she get so grown? I was so nervous watching her use the knife and just hoping we wouldn't have to make a trip to the emergency room. We were safe. I mean, she is my brother's daughter after all. She's safe. Love you, Brother!

 photo Canning-2_zpsc4f7921f.jpg  photo Canning-3_zps9f31b453.jpg  photo Canning-4_zps6e3f6c00.jpg  photo Canning-5_zpscfefbcaf.jpg  photo Canning-7_zps1c45d58e.jpg  photo Canning-9_zpse7cecd98.jpg  photo Canning-10_zps07b8b1f4.jpg  photo Canning-11_zpsf4eed095.jpg


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