Scott + Amberly // A Special Rice Farm Anniversary Session Bay City, Texas

Scott and Amberly are absolutely precious. I had so much fun during their shoot. They have been married for two years now, and when they asked me to shoot an anniversary session with them I was thrilled!!

We shot at two different locations and one of them was smack dab in the middle of a rice field! Thankfully they had drained the fields a couple of weeks ago, so we weren't walking in knee-high water. They were so easy to pose and coach along during their session. They kind of just fell into place with each other! And they even brought along their precious pup, Lola, and we got some sweet pictures of the three of them closer to the end of the session.

Just as we were leaving our last location I yelled to them to STOP the truck! They probably thought I was insane when I had them get out and sit down in front of some random hay bails, but I had a vision(!), and I'm so glad they went a long with it. And just like that we were able to sneak in a third location just at the last second before the sun went down.


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