Scuba Diving in Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico / Our instructor, Adrian!

Scuba diving is an experience all it's own, but scuba diving in Mexico is like a dream. Breathing under water is seriously insane and so cool all in one. The water is crystal clear even at 70 feet down. The sand is white, so white. Nothing like the black sand we have back here in South Texas. And the fish are so colorful and beautiful, like Finding Nemo beautiful. 

My sweet friend, Amberly and I did the Discovery Scuba excursion through our Royal Caribbean cruise line, and we couldn't have had more fun. Our awesome diving instructor, Adrian, was so much fun. We first did the class instruction, then we practiced cleaning our masks and regulators on the beach. Then we took off out into the open blue. Adrian took us on two beach dives, out at least 30ft deep. We saw all sorts of fish and sea creatures it was so beautiful under water - sea horses, sea stars, parrot fish, puffer fish, fish that look like Dori, sea urchins, lion fish and so much more. 

This was my second Discovery Scuba adventure, and I loved every minute of it under the water! I'm going through the online portion right now to get my open water certification. Guys, I'm so excited!! Now to start planning more diving trips!! 

Are any of you guys scuba certified??


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