Stacy + DJ // A Country Pregnancy Annoucement Session San Antonio, Texas

So let me set the scene for you before we just jump into this post. My cousin, Stacy, is practically my sister. We grew up side-by-side along with her older brother and younger sister. We are all two years apart, and Aunt Ronda's running joke is I'm the daughter she should've had between Tim and Stacy! We're still all very close to this day.

Since Stacy and DJ got married I wanted to create a styled shoot with them and re-create their wedding day for them. Being in their wedding and matron-of-honor doesn't really leave room for being a photographer at their wedding too. So, we've been planning this inspiration shoot for a while now, but Stacy and I just haven't been able to get our schedules lined up to make things work.

One day in August I get a phone call from Stacy asking what my plans are for the upcoming weekend. I didn't have any, so she asked me to come to San Antonio and her and DJ would get all dressed up to shoot some pictures of them. She said DJ had already rented a tux and everything!

A few days pass, and I'm driving into San Antonio. Stacy and I have chatted about times and location, but we hadn't really finalized the details. Then the Saturday we had planned this fun event, I get a text message from Stacy saying something about the weather and that her make-up artist cancelled on her..blah blah blah. I was so mad. I mean, I had driven 3 hours to come into town, packed all my gear up and put so much planning into this shoot. I marched my happy butt down to her house and demanded answers. She opens the door, gives me some fake sob story, then tells me she has something to show me in her mom's back bedroom. (Red-flag!) Something was up.

She has this little bag sitting on the bed with an envelop next to it. She tells me to open it. And with the most confused look on my face, I pull out the cutest little "Made in Texas" onesie! OMG y'all, my baby cousin is gonna have a baby of her own!! Ahhh I couldn't believe it! There's no way I could be mad at her after that! So instead of our inspiration wedding shoot, we did a little Baby Bump Announcement session.

Oh and I forgot to tell y'all something too, Brandon and I are having a baby too!! Surprise!!!

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