Annah's Bridals // Epic Views from Pennybacker Bridge Austin, Texas

Ahh you guys!!! I'm so excited to share these bridal images with you from Annah's STUNNING day with me! I mean, just look at that veil! Just imagine a chorus of angels singing "AHhhhhhhh" or if you're having trouble imagining head on over to this link!! Yeah, that should do the trick ;)

So this was my first time shooting in Austin for a bridal session, and I was literally blown away when I made the trek up the cliff with Annah and Shelby to capture these images. Seriously, it was absolutely stunning up there with the water just down below and the sun setting to our backs. Let's be honest, this really is heaven on earth in our great state of Texas! 

I'm was so honored to be able to shoot Annah and Drew's wedding just last month in December.   And to think it was just two short years ago that Annah helped me with Shelby's bridals. These sisters are so precious. I just love their relationship. And now, Shelby is helping Annah get everything ready for her wedding. She was so great to have behind the camera and help hold up Annah's dress and veil. Shelby even helped with that gorgeous veil toss in the first photo above! Way to go, Shelb!! 


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