Cadence Joyce Two Year // Bay City, Texas Portrait Photographer

There are some days I just can't believe this precious princess of mine is two! I just love her!!

I've had this vision of Cadence dressed up in my wedding dress since she was a couple of months old. I remember texting Brandon one day when I nursing Cadence on my lunch break that I wanted to recreate this image in our cotton fields when she got older. His response back was pray for good cotton then.

And that's exactly what we've been praying for the past few years. We actually haven't had a good crop of cotton since 2014. Three years. Three years of waiting for it to bloom, defoliate and just as were ready to start picking it starts to rain, and not just any rain. It rains for weeks on end.

Thankfully we were able to get these pictures taken just before Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas gulf coast and dumped insane amounts of rain on us. Again. Brandon and the boys have finally finished picking the rest of the cotton, but only time will tell how good or bad it really it until it goes to the cotton gin. We are praying that God spared our cotton!


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