Monse + Brian // A Precious Pregnancy Announcement Session Bay City, Texas

One of my favorite questions to ask my couples when I send out my questionnaire before I book them is "When was the last time you had your pictures taken?

In all honesty, this question really gives me a lot of information. I've had a few people tell me one to two years, and I've even had client's tell they've never had their pictures taken(!). In today's digital world, there's just something so special about printed pictures. Cell phone images get long forgotten along with the thousands of other screenshots and videos we keep thinking we'll need them. Framed photos really become a part of who you are.

Monse and Brian fell right into that category, and when they told me they hadn't had pictures taken of just the two of them since their wedding FIVE years ago, I knew I had to get some awesome portraits of just the two of them before these awesome babies came along!

That's right! Monse and Brian are expecting triplets in the spring 2018!!! Monse had the cutest sign made with her cricut - the best things in life come in threes! Isn't that precious?! Seriously, I love that!!

I am so excited to have been a tiny part of this secret announcement for y'all! Thank you again for letting me in on the surprise. I feel so special and I'm truly honored!
Congrats, y'all! :)

Sweet, sweet Duke is moving on up in the world! He's gonna be the best big brother EVER!


Tanya said…
We’ve just moved and sold everything we owned but the only thing we took with us (besides clothes and a few essentials), was our framed photos! They’re so special! Loved this reminder!
Hayley said…
Texas looks like it’s so pretty! These are such cute photos, agh that last one too!
Alison said…
So cute, love these!!!
Unknown said…
Triplets, a doggo and gorgeous photos <3 I LOVE IT!
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