Ashley + Michael | Winter Ranch Maternity Session Bay City, TX

Oh Ashley! Girl, you are stunning. I had so much fun with you and Michael with your maternity session. Thank you for letting me capture these images for you and Michael. He was such a good sport during pictures as I coach y'all into some new poses from my UNPOSED Posing Guide.

If you're a photographer and you have a little trouble remembering poses like me or need help with a prompt to get a genuine laugh from your clients, you should definitely try UNPOSED. The Unposed Guide is the answer to breaking down walls between you and your clients in front of the camera. The guide helps you create beautiful moments for you to capture. You couples won't even realize you're taking their photos because they'll be too busy cuddling, laughing and falling into each other's arms. 

Here are some of my favorite prompts:

-Get all up in her neck. Squeeze her as tight as you can. Now give me your best Cookie Monster: "Om Nom, Nom, Nom..."
-You have 10 seconds to kiss her on the cheek as many times as you can.
-Pretend you have the power to protect her from the all the bad and evil in the world. Hug her, kiss her, and keep her safe. 
-Whisper in her ear, in your sexiest voice, her favorite dessert.

Aren't those fun? Seriously, the Cookie Monster is the best! ;)

We can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl. Congratulations Ashley and Michael. We are so excited for y'all to become parents!!


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