FAQs: What to Expect When You Book With Alisha Cornett Photography

First of all, I can't wait to sit down and grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine with you! Congratulations!! You're getting marrrriieeeddd!!!

My goal is to be there for you, to help you through the whole wedding process and be your wingman when you need someone to vent to when the planning stuff gets to be too much! And I'd love to invite you into our little online community of current and past AFC brides! Past brides will enjoy helping you along your journey as a new bride, so feel free to ask experienced brides any questions you have!

Here's a little more of what to expect when you book with me and some FAQs answered for you...

How far will you travel for weddings?
There's actually no limit for this question. I would love to capture your wedding day no matter where you want to say your vows. Will travel for food! ;) My passport's been needing some more stamps too, and my bags are always ready to go!

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When should I take my engagement pictures?
We can take them as early as you want! Most brides likes to send out Save-the-Dates 6-9months in advance for guests to mark their calendars especially if they will be traveling. This gives you enough time to get your images back after editing to be able to create and design your save-the-date card!

When should I take my bridal portraits? 
I love to suggest taking them no later than a month before the wedding day. This allows me to edit your images, get your gallery sent over to you, and time for your portrait to be printed and framed.

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When is my final payment due?
Your final payment for your pricing package is due the day before your wedding. The reason for this is to eliminate the stress of trying to track down funds during the hustle of the wedding day and to keep things from getting lost too.

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Can I have access to all the RAW images?
Unfortunately, no. I totally understand the concern behind this question, but I can assure you I won't miss a thing from your BIG day. It is my ultimate priority to capture every important detail about your wedding day from the dress, cake and flowers to the heirloom jewelry your grandmother passed down to you and the penny in your shoe. I promise to only eliminate the images you would too (i.e. eyes closed, not smiling, test shots, duplicates). I'm here to save you time and be an advocate for you. My goal is to never hoard or keep images from my clients. They serve absolutely no purpose just sitting on my back-up hard drive collecting dust. :) Another reason why I never send just RAW images is because most computer programs cannot read a RAW file. With the way my camera shoots, the images must first be converted to a JPEG file to be read by software programs.

When will I get my images after the wedding?
Good question! My most asked question actually. I like to say anywhere between 5-6 weeks after the wedding. On rare occasions it has been 8 weeks, but my goal is definitely 6 weeks! I do post sneak-peeks the Tuesday after the wedding, so you'll have to be on the look-out for YOUR wedding day on my blog! The timeline of six weeks takes into consideration the thousands of images we have to cull through (eyes closed, not smiling, blurry focus on my part, etc). After this process is done, it's on to the editing!

What are(were) some of your biggest questions or concerns while planning you wedding? Let me know in the comments below! :)


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