Baby E Maternity Session

I seriously can't thank my fabulous friend, Ashley Hagg enough for capturing these stunning maternity pictures of me and my baby girls. Baby E we are so excited to meet you!!

Looking back I really dropped the ball when I was pregnant with Cadence and Dakota because I never set up a time to get pictures of myself taken. Super mom fail, I know. Sometimes photographers are the worst about having their picture taken because we spend so much time behind the camera we forget to actually step in front of it in a while!

When I was pregnant with Cadence in 2015 everything was so new especially with all those first time experiences - the first doctor's appointments, my tiny belly growing at first, then the kicks, my belly growing BIGGER, the size and weight of the baby - I mean I took weekly pictures of that growing bump like it was my job to document everything I went through with her. But when Dakota came I fell off the wagon again. And don't even get me started on their baby books. Ow.

So this time around I made it a point to get with Ashley and get these pictures DONE. And done is totally better than perfect. And I'm definitely making it a point moving forward to be more intentional with this third baby girl. I want my three girls to know their momma in front of the camera too!

Thank you again so much, Ashley, for helping me get these done. I'm still amazed at how you got Cadence to smile for you!


Unknown said…
These are darling!! Sweet girls!!
Mandy said…
Such a beautiful session of you Alisha - your baby girls are adorable and it's gorgeous how they're loving on their beautiful mommy!! These are images to treasure forever!! Can't wait to see your pictures of sweet baby E.
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