Dakota Turns ONE! // A Unicorn Themed Birthday Party!

Floral Teepee One Year Cake Smash Session
Floral Teepee One Year Cake Smash Session
Floral Teepee One Year Cake Smash Session

Our sweet baby girl turns ONE!

I had every intention on writing this blog post in real time, but that's the funny thing about life and time - it just keeps moving and doesn't wait for me or anyone else.

My sweet Dakota Rose, you have been such a beautiful ray of sunshine after the storm of my miscarriage just a year before you were born. I am so thankful for you and the meaning you bring to my life. I love you with everything that I am. When I thought life was just a little too hard to handle there you were. You brought hope back into my heart. You are my rainbow baby.

-You are truly a mama's girl and attached to me like a little leach. ;)
-You haven't started walking yet, but I have a feeling it's coming soon
-You love your big sister so much - I love watching your relationship grow
-You are getting better at going to bed on your own and sleeping all night
-I love the way your eyes light up when your daddy walks through the door
-Your first word was "uh-oh"
-Your sign language from school is really starting to stick. You know how to sign more and please perfectly
-You have 12 teeth and those back molars are on their way - you're gonna be ready for steak any day now
-Your daddy calls you his little wrecking ball ;)

Your birth story is one I'll never forget after Hurricane Harvey hit, but that's for another blog post. I loved decorating your first birthday party, and I'm so happy all your grandparents were able to come celebrate with us! Even your four-great grandmas came: Grammy, Mammaw, Nonna and Bebe! <3 The unicorn cookies were a HUGE hit!

I pray I'm the momma you need, and I promise to always be your biggest fan!
Dakota, we love you to the moon and back! We can't wait to see the little person you turn in to.


Alisha said…
First birthdays are so special. And her’s looked amazing. She’s adorable!!!
Kate Gansneder said…
Oh my goodness, she is a DOLL! And the decor is beautiful too. What a great first birthday!
Katie said…
What a cutie! I love the unicorn theme!
Mandy said…
Such a beautiful post to your little girl Alisha!! Love the pics. Loved all her unicorn goodies!!
Michaila said…
So cute! Why couldn't my parents have awesome themed parties like this for me when I was a child lol!
Amber said…
What a cute theme! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!
Mabel said…
Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! Looks like it was an amazing time!
Mary Kate said…
Aw Happy Birthday to your precious daughter!! She is adorable and that looked like it was an amazing birthday party!
Karen Shoufler said…
Aww, happy birthday sweet girl! It looks like she is very well loved. :)
kristal bean said…
Love the cake smash photos! She's so beautiful!!
April Rew said…
what a perfect cake smash gallery! so cute!
Elizabeth said…
So precious! Those cookies look delicious!
Jeanette said…
What a precious post with such sweet words and some adorable pictures!
shreeram01 said…
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