Family Weekend Trip to Lake Holbrook

I’m so impressed with how all three of the girls did this weekend traveling to see Brandon’s mom. The car ride up to Birdie’s house (Rene’s grandma name) was pretty smooth. We left Bay City around 5:30pm and made it through Houston in really good time and that’s even with stopping for Chick-fil-a. I mean, we can’t take the girls through Houston and not get those crispy chicken nuggets and waffle fries, right?! After the 6 hour car drive, we made it to Birdie’s house around 11pm. 

Emerson might be the most traveled baby out of all three of them. I took the girls to San Antonio almost every weekend back in March when I was on maternity leave for photo sessions, a baby shower and a birthday party.

I packed coloring books, the portable dvd player, their Vtech book readers and plenty of snacks for Cadence and Dakota. I tried to plan Emerson’s feedings around the trip too. I nursed her at 4pm thinking she’d be full until 7pm and then fingers crossed that she’d be OK until we made it to Birdie’s house. She’s still on her 3 hour feeding schedule, so from 7pm till 11pm when we finally made it to her house her pacifier wasn’t working anymore. That girl was HUNGRY!

Birdie already had all the beds set up for us when we got there! And it didn’t take long for all of us to crash. We woke up at our normal morning time (lately that’s been around 7am), and Birdie made the girls pancakes, eggs and bacon. After everyone ate breakfast and we spent a little time drinking our coffee and catching up with Brandon’s sisters and his niece and nephew, we lathered on the sunscreen to head down to the water. Pappaw James was just heading back in from an early morning fish when we got down to the dock. 

Cadence had so much fun jumping off the dock to Brandon, while Dakota stayed mostly in the shade eating watermelon slices. Emerson did so well in the water for her first time! Birdie bought the cutest little baby floaty from WalMart, and Emerson fit perfectly inside it. Cadence’s swim lessons all came rushing back when Brandon and I would tell her to kick her feet and reach and paddle with her arms. She kept asking “Did you see me? Did you see me?!” #proudparents 

When the girls were water logged and all pruney it was time to head up to the house for lunch and a nap. Sandwiches and a movie always seem to do the trick after swimming. Birdie and Auntie Vic went to the store to get stuff to make dinner. We had steaks, asparagus, corn on the cob and beans. I swear, seasoning and cooking your own steaks puts any high dollar restaurant steak to shame. Brandon likes to use Fiesta brand “Uncle Chris’ Steak Seasoning” and sear them on the pit to medium rare (6-7mins on each side), and they come out perfect every time. 

While the little babies stayed in after dinner Pappaw James and Brandon took Cadence out for a boat ride, and she helped them net the fish they caught. Brandon said she had so much fun! When they got back she came running up to me to tell me all about it! Guess it’s time to get that girl her own spinning reel! :)

And what’s a lake trip without s’mores and ice cream? 

We had every intention to make s’mores outside by the fire, but the rain and lightning that blew through kind of put damper on that. So we settled for Blue Bell Neapolitan ice cream in cones inside and watched another movie! ;)

Here are some of my favorite images from the weekend!!

Sweet Dakota and her Daddy
Ansley and Cadence
Pappaw James and Chad
Alex and Ryker
Birdie and Cadence  ~ Auntie Vic and Dakota
Auntie Vic & Uncle Chad (the newlyweds)
Auntie Vic and Dakota ~ Emerson and Me
Alex, Me and Victoria
Aunt Alex with Emerson <3
 Ansley, Cadence and Dakota
All Birdie's grandbabies:
Dakota - 2, Cadence - 4, Emerson - 4months, Ansley - 3, Ryker - 9months   

After multiple shots....Jackpot!!


Katie said…
Awww how fun!! So much joy and laughter! <3
Unknown said…
What cuties! Looks like they had fun at Grandmas!
Unknown said…
How sweet! Totally wanting a lakehouse vacation now!!
Mandy said…
What a fun weekend at the lake with family!! These trips are so refreshing for the soul!! Beautiful memories captured.
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