Julie + Brandon // Rebecca Creek Distillery Wedding San Antonio, Texas

This wedding was SO much fun to shoot!! My good friend, Jennifer of Jennifer Lee Photography asked me to second shoot this wedding with her, and I was on board as soon as she asked me! 

This was the first time I had been out to Rebecca Creek Distillery, and I never would've thought of hosting a wedding here. I've heard of the whiskey they make, but I had no idea their distillery was right here in San Antonio! Julie and Brandon's wedding was absolutely perfect at this venue. The ceremony was held on their outdoor stage where they host bands and other events and just 10-15 feet away was the dance floor and food buffet lines. 

The groom, Brandon and his dad own a business where they build and rebuild race cars. So when Julie and Brandon had an old time-y race car to make their exit in at the end of the night, it was so fitting for them. Brandon and Julie even wanted to take pictures on it and inside of it like the image above! That definitely made this photographer super happy!! :)

The beginning of the day was so perfect, but the high temperature was only 50F. And that's pretty chilly especially for us Southern Texans. Then once the sun went down we were all huddled around the outdoor patio heaters trying to stay warm in the 30F temps. Talk about cold! Burrrr!!! I'll never forget how excited I was that my Brandon had left some Hothands hand warmers from his last hunting trip in my car!! Jennifer and I busted into those things right way to keep our pretty little fingers from freezing on our cameras!

These next set of images are FILM! Yep, old school 35mm film. I just love the grain and color that came back from the scanner. Hope you enjoy! <3

And to finally end the night, we just had to take a picture with our fabulous couple! Congratulations Julie and Brandon. Thank you again, Jennifer for letting me help you shoot this fun wedding!! <3


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