Nana + Poppy Love // A Grandparents Family Session Bay City, Texas

This past weekend my Mom and Dad came to visit us. We've been way overdue for a visit from them, and this one was absolutely great! Cadence loved spending time with them. She really does love her Poppy! Dakota was all about showing off her impressive rolling-over-skills. Saturday we took them over to the new house to show them the progress and update on our remodel (more pictures to come)! Dad helped Brandon and I hang our beautiful lantern porch lights that just came in and pour the concrete hearth for the fireplace. Y'all, I am so excited about our fireplace!! I mean, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to just fireplaces! 

I had one growing up as little kid, and I loved the memories from it. From helping Dad stack logs to hauling them from the cutting pile to the side of the house where we kept them. And because we had an abundance of mesquite trees on our property we always used mesquite logs on the fire. Mom said when we would go to church or out to dinner after being at home with the fire going that people would always ask "has someone been cooking bar-b-que?" Apparently to everyone else, our clothes smelled like good-ole homemade bbq HA! 

I'm so thankful for my parents. Thankful for the values they instilled in me about hard-work, love and enjoying life. Thankful for their story. They are the epitome of sweet-sweet love. They've been married for 39 years. Thirty-nine years, y'all!! What a blessing. I hope you enjoy their little mini-session I took of them at the end.