Harlan Turns ONE! // Olmos Park San Antonio, Texas Family Photographer

This cutie-patootie just turned O-N-E!! Harlan, you are so stinking cute and so sweet I just want to eat you up! Thank you, Joanna, for letting me capture these for your precious family! I'm honored to be able to watch your growing family from behind my lens. 

Happy Birthday, Harlan!!! We love you! 

Side note: I am so happy this location worked out! I kept thinking about my photography mentor, Katelyn James, and her lighting course. I kept hearing her voice over and over in my head "You've gotta have access to the sky! You've gotta have access to the sky!" This beautiful bridge was perfectly lit from behind and the trees were open and clean just over my head which reflected light right back down on to their faces! Seriously, I was jumping up and down on the inside because of LIGHT!!! That's a photographer for you ;) I want to shoot every session in San Antonio at this location now! And to think this was actually our back-up location. I'm so thankful for my Katelyn James Lighting Course!

Location: Olmos Park ~ San Antonio
Letters: Hobby Lobby


Unknown said…
Aw I love this! super creative! I bet they were so happy!
Mandy said…
Oh these are just the sweetest!! beautiful work Alisha
Tania Wicks said…
Aw such a cutie! What a wonderful milestone!
Kelly said…
Great work! What a fun session!