Raegan Turns ONE! // Bay City, Texas Family Photographer

I just love following this little girl on social media from her Momma's Facebook account! She is so stinking cute. Her favorite thing now is doing summersaults!! I just can't get enough when Lauren posts videos of Raegan rolling around their living room. <3

And when Raegan and my middle daughter, Dakota, met each other at our Bay City Rodeo they hit it off so well! They had so much fun running around together at The Holding Pen when we ate dinner before the rodeo, more pictures to come. I just love that Dakota is gonna have another friend to grow up with in our little town!

Raegan's cake smash session was so much fun to plan and decorate. Lauren had this gorgeous carousel horse refurbished by a friend of hers and asked if we could incorporate it into Raegan's session. Umm yes, please! I was so excited when she showed me the picture during their planning process! Lauren, I'm definitely going to have to use that horse again. ;)

Here are some of my favorite images from Raegan's session! 


Mandy Provan said…
Raegan is too sweet!!! Love all the pink!
Mary Kate said…
Oh my goodness what a cutie pie! You did such a wonderful job on this gorgeous session! I love all the textures and shades of pink!
Erica Swantek said…
What an adorable little girl! Love this cake smash session!
Precious!!! I love the pops of color!
kristal bean said…
So much sweetness here! You captured her personality so well! (PS, hello neighbor - I’m in The Woodlands ��)
Anonymous said…
Super cute and i love the scrunch face!